Impaired Driver Care Management Program (IDCMP)

There are four program components to Impaired Driver Care Management Programs (IDCMP) in New Hampshire. The complete description of all aspects of IDCMP can be found in the New Hampshire Code of Administrative Rule (He-A 500). The link can be found below.

Please note that the new process DOES NOT apply for individuals who DO NOT have DWI/DUI convictions on a New Hampshire Motor Vehicle record.

  1. For example, an individual who has been convicted of a DWI/DUI in another state (e.g. Connecticut) and holds a license in that state.
  2. A second example would be an individual who had been convicted of a lesser offense (e.g. Reckless Operation) but it required to complete the Impaired Driver Education Program (seeĀ Program Options).

Here are the four components of IDCMP:

  1. Alcohol and Drug Abuse Screening/Intake
  2. Substance Use Disorder Evaluation
  3. Service Plan Development
  4. Impaired Driver Education Program Sessions