“John was quite a knowledgeable and great instructor. He made me feel very comfortable when it came to telling my own story. He never once made me feel insecure or uncomfortable. I love the fact that he didn’t call anybody out or put anybody on the spot.”  W21 V-35

“John is a great instructor. He understood the material and guided us while.”  W21 V-34

“John has a very soothing tone. He is also very respectful. I actually looked forward to the classes and the experience. He made sure that people were engaged. John made it worthwhile and fun. I think that he is a great instructor.” W21 V-30

“John was a great instructor. He became familiar with all of us really quickly. Discussions went well and it was overall a really comfortable situation because I have a lot of social anxiety. John was consistently kind the whole weekend. I was expecting this experience to be terrible but it was actually really good unofficial.” W21 V-28

“John was an amazing instructor. I was apprehensive prior to the classes. I tend to have social anxiety and find that sometimes counselors can give off a condescending vibe.  From the beginning, John was relatable kind and nonjudgmental. He took time to speak with everyone. I feel that he made people more comfortable when it came to the rest of the course.” W21 V-24

“In a word, John was phenomenal. He is very qualified and knowledgeable of all topics in the program’s energy never faded. His patience for the group was full and his ability to redirect the group was great. Lastly, and most importantly, he was supportive and never gave any indication of judgment. Well done.” W21 V-19

“John was respectful of confidentiality and respected people if they weren’t comfortable to speak. He gave some of his own personal history. That made him more relatable versus simply a teacher he was friendly and courteous.” W21 V-17

“I think the instructor gave a good amount of personal information. He really seems to know what he is talking about. John definitely laid everything down for us and even care to hear some of our personal experiences. He was patient as well as doing a great job with the groups, the assignments and speaking to us.” W21 V-15

“John discussed his smoking habits, how it affected him and how he worked on cutting out the habit. He also made himself more personable by talking about his education and his brother. It was much easier to learn when we didn’t feel judged by our teacher because he is human too.”  W21 V-14

“The instructor gave us some of his personal experiences but was never off-topic and always to the point. John was absolutely fantastic.”  W21 V-11

“John was a very personal, polite and personal instructor. He was informative and his style of teaching was very patient and thorough. It was easy for me to understand what he was trying to convey. If I didn’t understand, he was happy to explain.”    W21 V-10

“The instructor was extremely knowledgeable, patient and effective at redirecting the conversation to the topic at hand. John did a good job with client confidentiality while, at times, using personal experiences to better illustrate certain concepts being discussed.”  W21 V-08

“John made me feel very comfortable. He is easy-going and taught me a lot without making it seem like he’d never been there. He was an excellent and knowledgeable instructor.”  W21 V-06

“The instructor was great at providing personal anecdotes, where appropriate, to make people feel comfortable. He also made it clear that people only need to share the amount of information they felt was appropriate. Overall, John was a fantastic instructor. He was very clear, thoughtful, provoked conversation, provided humor and was approachable. He can definitely say that John made the program much more enjoyable than the serious nature of the subject.” W21 V-04

“John is a great facilitator and was able to deliver the program and also allow us to relate to a lot of factors and information. He was very easy to work with. Our group took a lot out of this course.” W21 V-03

“I found John to be the perfect person for this platform. He allowed us to speak but also kept us on track. I think he is a good reader of people/groups and handled ours very well.  His email to start this overwhelming process was extremely helpful. I was very pleased to see he also included a link to helpful information on license restoration as well. He sent all of our documents in pdf. I will definitely be referring to them down the road.” W21 V-02

“Our instructor, John, has given an incredible amount of effort in teaching. I have learned a lot of things I didn’t know like the understanding of denial, the stages of alcoholism and the different aspects of problems it can cause or has caused to many people.”   W21 V-01

“The instructor (John) was very easy to follow along with. He had a great positive attitude the entire time and he took the time to make sure everyone in the program had the time they needed to complete tasks. He also made sure all questions were answered and that everyone was following along. It was a great program and I am very happy I chose Amethyst Foundation.”   W22 V-09

“John was able to allow us to discuss personal information related directly to our DWI incidents as well as any other information that any of us were genuinely interested in sharing. He was able to create a nonjudgmental environment which truly facilitated learning and healing.”   W22 V-11

“I thought that John was a fantastic instructor. He is patient, knowledgeable and approachable. He took time to listen, explain and help each of us throughout the entire weekend. Thanks John.”


“Being an out-of-state client from Massachusetts and having dealt with Massachusetts for a prior DWI, this is some of the best treatment I have experienced. I felt a genuine care and treatment with everyone I have worked with in the amethyst foundation. I will 100% recommend anyone to amethyst foundation.”  W21 V-35

“Amethyst created a very smooth process. I didn’t have a great understanding of zoom but the staff made me feel very comfortable about the process. I tend to become a little stressed when I deal with something unfamiliar. The reassurance that I received made me feel really with the process. If asked to provide grade, I would definitely give an A+. Thank you for being there for me and for assisting me.”   W21 V-34

“I believe the whole experience was very streamlined. All of the links and documents for the course were provided in the introductory email, which acted like a hub for the course. It was easy to navigate and everything was easy to find. The integration of Google drive and zoom was also quite polished. They were used to great effect during the course of the weekend.” W21 V-33

“The Amethyst Foundation was great from the moment I signed up. The office staff were extremely helpful and guided me throughout the process. The evaluator was also very helpful. We had a conversation for a solid hour. Overall, this was a great program and I really sheets kindness will staff.”   W21 V-30

“The entire process was very easy technology-wise. We were walk through every step of the way. I am familiar with zoom, however those who weren’t were helped each step of the way.”   W21 V-27

“Great staff; very friendly; highly recommended.”  W21 V-25

“The Amethyst Foundation did a phenomenal job of preparing me for the program. They answered calls or return calls promptly. They also are very knowledgeable of the program and work patient in my questions.” W21 V-19

“Amethyst Foundation did a fantastic job organizationally to make sure participants from a wide array of technological backgrounds were able to access not only the zoom calls but also breakout rooms and documents. I felt prepared and supported throughout the class.  The staff has been very understanding of the material and documents. Rather than making it more stressful thing, they aided in completing the mission of the program.” W21 V-17

“I think from start to finish everything was perfect. The moment I signed into zoom, John looked very prepared and was ready for everyone to arrive. He definitely planned everything out well and was very prepared I felt very comfortable doing the whole class and that’s important to me feel comfortable. Everything was amazing to me.”  W21 V-15

“Amethyst did a really good job communicating email. I liked how they included lengthy emails for all the information you needed. I liked that every day all you had to do was open one email and all the class work for the weekend was in one spot. That was very helpful. I think they did a fantastic job all around.” W21 V-12

“Amethyst foundation made it very easy for me to prepare for everything I needed. If I had any questions, I would just call the main number for clarification. My experience with the zoom classroom was definitely a good one.” W21 V-09

“Amethyst foundation did an exceptional job in providing all the information needed prior to the start of class. They effectively outlined the importance of the steps to be taken to ensure my preparedness for class. The instructor made himself open and available to any questions or concerns. I never felt ill prepared for class based on the information provided to me by amethyst foundation or its instructor.” W21 V-07

“Everything went very well. I am someone with very little experience with this kind of thing and can be easily frustrated. I was worried whether or not I would be able to get through the weekend. With the help of amethyst foundation and staff I am proud to say that I was able to successfully complete the class. Thank you.” W21 V-06

“Everything was explained in great detail, from the prep email, to the in class instructions and the zoom meeting room. The use of virtual documents made the whole thing feel seamless. I would give the program an A+.”   W21 V-05

“I believe that amethyst foundation has done an outstanding job making things understandable. The virtual class was a very good experience between discussions, presentations and group interaction. Amethyst Foundation has made things very smooth without being complicated.”  W21 V-03

“A lawyer is the one who recommended amethyst foundation and I am so glad that he did. From the very first from call, to the follow-up calls, I have been treated with respect. This whole process has been overwhelming so having amethyst foundation they are to make it as easy as possible has been an immense help. I thank you for your service.”   W21 V-01

“The entire staff at the Amethyst Foundation has been very helpful and informative from the first time I called to inquire about the program. Even when I got frustrated with the process (which was beyond the control of the Amethyst Foundation), they were still very helpful and professional and that led to my participation in this outstanding program. Thank you all for the work and effort you put in to help and support everyone that seeks you out”. W22 V-06

“This program was much more enjoyable and engaging then I initially thought a DWI program would be. The material was easy to follow while still being in depth and informative.” W22 V-07

“The Amethyst Foundation was able to provide appropriate and professional support for all learners through timely communications and email. I truly appreciate their professionalism.”   W22 V-11

“Everyone I have spoken to at the Amethyst Foundation either by phone or by email was upbeat, professional and caring. I found everyone to be easy to talk to, patient and very helpful. I am grateful and I have absolutely nothing negative to say about any of my experiences with staff or the program itself. Thank you to each and every one of you!”