“The program was very informative and professionally put on. The food was excellent (too much). Lodging was clean. The instructor showed great respect for all of us in the class. He left no questions unanswered. (WIDEP-059)

“For not wanting to be here, I found it inspiring, enlightening and a highly meaningful experience. Thanks Amethyst!” (WIDEP 2014-057)

“I was pleasantly surprised by this weekend experience and the program. My expectation was to be lectured and feel uncomfortable and I felt the opposite. I learned things about myself and have changed my view of aspects of my choices. This weekend was actually a good opportunity for reflection, fun and well-needed down time.” (WIDEP 2014-055)

“My instructor was great and very patient with our group. The facility was great and the grounds, games, interaction and friendship made greatly enhanced the weekend program. The food was great as well.” (WIDEP 2014-052)

“This program was nothing like the online reviews. This place has a judgment free feeling. I felt safe. I felt like a human being. The food was great. The staff was friendly and supportive. I am very grateful for this opportunity and the treatment.” (WIDEP 2014-051)

“The program was very informative and no one tried to tell me that I had a problem with alcohol. It made us really look into ourselves to see where we stand. The instructor was very kind and understanding.” (WIDEP 2014-050)

“It was excellent. I feel as though I learned so much and am now able to make an honest and accurate assessment about my relationship with alcohol. Additionally, everybody was extremely friendly and made me feel comfortable.” (WIDEP 2014-048)

“My instructor held himself well and was very professional. His delivery of the subject matter was thoughtful and planned well. I felt welcome and able to self-assess without judgment. I would recommend this program to others.” (WIDEP 2014-47)

“The program was very good and well-spoken where I can understand. My instructor and the staff were very good with information and very kind.” (WIDEP 2014-45)

“The program was much more fun than I thought it would be and actually made me think about my drinking. My instructor knew what he was talking about, had correct information and made sure we understood the material. It was interesting, informative and made a lot of sense.” (WIDEP 2014-44)

“The instructor was very informative. The chef was excellent. There were clean living and learning areas. Everything was accommodating but I never want to come back.” (WIDEP 2014-43)

“What I thought it was going to be was a boring weekend and like jail. It was the complete opposite – a very good program.” (WIDEP 2014-041)

“I had a great instructor. I felt welcomed here and it was inviting. We could open up and talk freely about the topic. The material was easy to understand. I believe my instructor was the key.” (WIDEP 2014-040)