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1. Intake / Screening Interview

This is the first of four components to Impaired Driver Care Management Programs (IDCMP) in New Hampshire. The complete description can be found in the New Hampshire Code of Administrative Rules (He-A 500).

Please note that the full process DOES NOT apply for individuals who DO NOT have DWI/DUI convictions on a New Hampshire Motor Vehicle record. Only the initial intake interview applies for these clients.

The intake/screening interview is completed prior to your participation in any IDCMP component. The interview entails an orientation to the specific program that you are required to complete, the administration of required standardized assessment instruments, the compilation of statistical data and your completion of the Department of Health and Human Services contracts.

The screening/intake interviewer who conducts this interview reviews the data and test instruments and determines if you are classified as positive for a likelihood of a substance use disorder. This determination is based upon criteria cited in the New Hampshire Code of Administrative rules.

If you are determined to be positive for a likelihood of a substance use disorder, you will be required to complete the three program components listed below.

If you are determined to be negative for a likelihood of substance use disorder, you will be required to complete program component #4 listed below.

Please note: You cannot be more than fifteen (15) minutes late for this interview. If you are more than 15 minutes late, you will be required to reschedule and pay a fifty dollar ($50.00) missed appointment fee.

IDCMP Intake/Screening Requirements

As mandated under New Hampshire Code of Administrative Rule (He-A 507.01), you are required to bring the following documents and payments to your scheduled intake/screening appointment (Please refer to Intake/Screening Checklist in Forms):

  1. Current NH DMV record and current DMV record from any state where you have previously had a DWI and /or where you currently hold a driver’s license.
  2. Notice of Suspension
  3. Superior or District court order
  4. Documentation of chemical test results or documentation of the refusal to submit to chemical tests
  5. A copy of the arrest report
  6. A copy of the arrest narrative
  7. Documentation of proof of completion of an Impaired Driver Intervention Program if such a program has been completed within the past 5 years prior to current conviction
  8. $70.00 State Regulatory fee (payable to the "State of NH Treasurer")
  9. $75.00 Screening fee if scheduling a screening (payable to Amethyst Foundation)
  10. $200.00 Evaluation fee if scheduling an evaluation (payable to Amethyst Foundation)
  1. Alcohol and Drug Abuse Screening/Intake
  2. Substance Use Disorder Evaluation
  3. Service Plan Development
  4. Impaired Driver Education Program Sessions
  5. Forms

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